Over 50 Fitness   

Chicago in Shape client

It's never too late to start a fitness program! At any age you can realize improvements in strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance, and staying active can improve quality of life in countless ways.

Jim loves working with clients of all ages, but he has a special interest in senior health and senior fitness that comes from many years of experience with clients in their 50s through their 90s. He understands that people who have not exercised recently (or ever!) may feel intimidated by the thought of starting a fitness program later in life and strives to provide plenty of encouragement and a welcoming environment. He helps clients make steady progress while maintaining safety and recognizing limitations, as many over-50 adults may be dealing with health issues such as osteoporosis, weight gain, arthritis, diabetes, COPD, sciatica, joint replacement, or recovery from a cardiac event or stroke.

Some Chicago in Shape clients have been referred by physicians who recognize the value of exercise for their patients, for example, in transitioning from clinical rehabilitation services to a general fitness program, or to guard against loss of bone density and muscle mass. Jim has also worked with clients to supplement their physical therapy regimen in accordance with the physical therapist’s recommendations. The proper exercise program can help with recovery from injury or illness and in some cases can help alleviate chronic pain.

Jim uses corrective exercise to improve posture and muscular imbalances that have developed over time. He also works on balance, which can become a huge issue as we age. Much has been written about the benefits of exercise in reducing the likelihood of falls for older adults.

​Jim also enjoys working with active over-50 individuals who have been athletic all their lives and simply appreciate having an enthusiastic coach who can design a fun and effective program to maintain their level of fitness.

No matter your situation, please feel free to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to see if starting a fitness training program with Chicago in Shape is right for you!

In-home training is available for clients who are unable to travel to the Chicago in Shape studio. Read more about this option.