Jim Tribolet founded Chicago In Shape in 1993 out of the desire to share his passion for helping others commit to a healthy, rewarding lifestyle. He realized that many people feel more comfortable and motivated working one-on-one in a smaller studio rather than a gym environment. Since then, Jim has helped a wide variety of individuals achieve their personal best by offering the tools, training and motivation to lose weight, build muscle, tone up, gain flexibility, increase endurance, burn fat, alleviate pain, reduce stress and shape their body.


Jim holds a B.S. degree from Indiana University and has been certified as a Health Fitness Instructor by the American College of Sports Medicine. Jim is certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer by the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.). He is also a certified TRX® Suspension Training Instructor. Continuing education is an essential part of being a great fitness professional; he regularly attends professional seminars and workshops to stay current with the latest developments in the fitness industry.

Jim worked with Northwestern Memorial Hospital as a Lifestyle Coach for the Diabetes Prevention Program, a five-year national research study that proved the numerous health benefits of losing weight through improved nutrition and consistent, intelligent exercise. The results of this powerful research into the benefits of exercise and diet modification are documented in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Jim also walks the walk! He models a healthy lifestyle by engaging in regular exercise, following a healthy diet, and working toward balance between his personal and professional life. He can often be seen riding his bike (always his preferred means of transportation!) through the streets of Chicago or along the lakefront. He encourages his clients and friends to think of themselves as ACTIVE people.


Jim Tribolet, Personal Trainer
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Standards of Professionalism​

  • Nationally certified, CPR-trained, and fully insured

  • Always practices safe and effective training techniques

  • Professional in dress and conduct, and maintains confidentiality

  • Starts training sessions on time

  • Designs a personalized program that considers the many facets of your health and fitness needs

  • Regularly updates and adjusts your program as needed

  • Is a caring, supportive partner who leads by example and will be there to hold you accountable to your goals