Services and Pricing  

With Chicago in Shape, you are getting top-notch personal training at reasonable prices! Certified trainer Jim Tribolet works with you one-to-one to deliver fun and productive one-hour sessions that are focused on your specific needs, abilities, and goals with no distractions. In addition, Jim assigns "homework" (optional but encouraged) so you can keep progressing outside of the training sessions. Save with one- or two-month packages.

In-Person Training

*When paid in advance - total package cost is determined by the number of sessions per week you select (1, 2, or 3) and whether you opt for a 1- or 2-month package.

Virtual Training

Virtual private training is just $65 per 45-minute session (new clients) when you book by the month. Read more about virtual training here.

Payment is easy! Cash, credit cards, and checks are all accepted at Chicago in Shape, as are Venmo and Zelle.


Note that the prices listed above are for one-to-one training in one-hour sessions except for virtual training sessions, which are 45 minutes. For other types of training, e.g., couples training or longer sessions, please call 312.316.3481 or use the contact form for details.

No refunds for sessions in pre-paid packages. Makeups should be scheduled within 2 weeks of a missed session.